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We want you to safely enjoy your visit to Northside Farm Retreat.

Please read the rules below.

If you wish to make a booking you agree to accept these rules.


Pool Rules

  1. The maximum number of people in the building is 6, including babies and spectators.

  2. There must be two competent people over the age of 18 present in the pool building at all times one of which must be the person hiring the pool. That person is responsible for the safety and behaviour of their group for the whole period of the hire. 

  3. Users must not be under the influence of drink or drugs.

  4. There must be 1 adult who is a competent swimmer in the pool for every 2 non-swimmers.

  5. Anyone who has suffered from diarrhoea in the last 3 days or has an infectious disease must not use the pool.

  6. All outdoor footwear must be left in the entrance lobby.

  7. All doors are to remain closed at all times. 

  8. No food, drink, alcohol, talcum powder, drugs or glass may be taken into the building.

  9. Smoking and vaping is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

  10. Everyone must shower before getting into the pool and before and after using the sauna.

  11. Swimwear must be worn at all times.

  12. Babies and young children must wear swimming nappies and must have had their first immunisation.

  13. All Personal belongings and vehicles are left at their owners’ risk.

  14. There is no lifeguard on duty. The swimming pool is unsupervised and is used at the hirers own risk. Children must be supervised at all times. The owners of this pool accept no liability for any loss or injury. 

  15. Hirers must vacate the premises punctually, leaving the premises clean and tidy. The Hirer is responsible for reporting and paying for any damages or breakages. Please ensure all doors are closed when leaving.

  16. The properties on site are private dwellings. Please respect our privacy. 


1. No running, pushing or dangerous horseplay.

2. No diving.

3. No throwing or yelling.

4. Hirers must provide their own buoyancy equipment, please ensure it is clean.

5. The pool is 1.5m deep, there is no shallow end.

6. Please use the pool steps at all times. 



You may not use the sauna if:-

1.  You are under 8 years old.

2.  You have eaten a substantial meal or have drunk alcohol within the last 2 hours.

3.  You have any skin diseases, sores or wounds.

4.  You are or could be pregnant.

5.  You suffer from heart disease, circulatory problems, high or low blood pressure, respiratory problems, diabetes or have any problems which may affect your reaction to high temperatures.

To use the sauna:-

1.   Please shower before and after using the sauna.

2.   Allow yourself 5 minutes after exercising to cool down before using the sauna.

3.   We allow a maximum of 4 people in the sauna at one time.

4.   Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

5.   Remove all jewellery.

6.   Close the door tightly.

7.   Towels or bathing suits are required.

8.   Use one ½ dipper of water on the rocks. Too much water cools the rocks!

9.   No food or drink allowed.

10.   Maximum time for adults 10 mins which may be repeated once after a break.

11. Maximum time for 8 to 15 year olds - 5 mins which may be repeated once after a break.

12. The temperature should not exceed 90 degrees Celsius.             ​

13. Exit immediately if uncomfortable, dizzy or sleepy. Staying too long in a heated area is capable of causing overheating.

14. Do not tamper with the sauna equipment.

15. Do not touch the metal heater, it is extremely hot!


  • In any kind of emergency the pool and sauna must be vacated. If you need to exit the building the emergency exits are the entrance door and the glass door near the loungers.

  • The First Aid Kit is in the changing room, on the shelves, round the corner.

  • If the water becomes contaminated by faeces, vomit or a significant amount of blood the pool must be vacated. You should advise any people coming after you not to enter the pool. If there is no one on site contact Amy immediately to advise of the problem – 07717 503251.


  • The owner makes every effort to ensure that the pool is operational and in good order.  However, there may be circumstances when bookings have to be cancelled. In this event the charge will be refunded or the booking will be rearranged.

  • Hirers may cancel a booking and receive a refund up to 24 hrs before their booking, they may also rearrange the booking.

  • Please contact Amy on 07717 503251 regarding any cancellations or transfers.


  1. Please can we request that you remain in your car until you receive a text message advising you to enter the pool.

  2. We have fitted a chain to the entrance door, please feel free to use this to prevent contact with others.

  3. We have installed hand sanitising stations in the entrance and the changing room, please use these before entering the pool area and when leaving. Antibacterial wipes are in the changing room.

  4. Once you have finished swimming we ask that you wipe down all surfaces, taps and handles. Please leave the venue tidy and respectable for the next booking and ensure that all doors are closed.

  5. Swimmers should stay hydrated by bringing their own pre-filled water bottle to the poolside.

  6. Please do not come to the pool if you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms such as high temperature, cough, difficulty breathing or loss of taste or smell.

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